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Nuclear Power Recruitment Specialist

Are you looking for a nuclear-recruiting firm to find your industry's best talent? You have come to the right location then. We don't like complicating things too much, that's why our strategy to work with you is simple. This ensures that we can produce results efficiently and easily with a combination of outstanding communication, innovative recruiting, and the latest technology. We, Mates Global provides you scientific and efficient recruitment in the nuclear business.

Mates Global is one of the leading workforce solutions in the nuclear power plant sector

Nowadays, climate change is a burning issue all over the world. To fight global warming, it’s been necessary to develop and use nuclear power.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Nuclear power will make an important contribution to lower emissions of greenhouse gases while providing the exponentially vast volumes of electricity required for global economic growth. According to the World Nuclear Association (WNA) report, in 2017, approximately 450 of the world's nuclear power plants produced 10% of the planet's electricity.

There are also estimates that 50 plants are currently being installed in 15 countries, including Russia, China, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Clearly, there is a significant investment in the nuclear sector. The future of the nuclear sector has been predicted so bright. Most of the investments are to use in Asia. Mates Global has worked with energy firms and those in the infrastructure and process industries.

Mates Global have a specialist team for recruiting in this beneficial sector. We know the enrollment and staffing process is so tough in this sector. Consulting with you, our team will provide you the right fit potential candidates for your nuclear project, power station, or powerhouse. Many companies hire inefficient people and after that, it’s become clumsy for such an inefficient employment process. Don’t make yourself regret after doing such a thing. So, if you are thinking of shaking hands with us, please feel free to contact us today. We will help you with providing absolutely strong manpower in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Our team will help you if you are thinking of work with thermonuclear energy, uranium, or reactors.

If you are an applicant you need to have the following:

  • High school diploma.
  • Strong retention.
  • License or certification.
  • Operation monitoring ability.
  • Active Listening.
  • Operation and control power.
  • Critical thinking.

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