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Mates Global is a unique feature offering its business alliance globally particularly to those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lankan, South Africa, Philippines, the UAE, Thailand, China, Canada, Russia, UK and USA employers and employees looking for job and business opportunities in Australia and new zeland. We have a team of experienced recruitment personnel and MARA agents who will assist you in getting the right candidate and take the responsibility of the logistics in bringing the candidate to Australia with the help of various Immigration services and solutions we offer.

If you are an Australian employer who wishes to fill a job vacancy from overseas, by employing an employee who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Depending on your employment requirement short term or long term and the type of candidates to serve your business. The best talented and more efficient candidates are in abundant, there is no dearth for skills and talent all the over the world. Please contact us for more information.

To find out more about using our web services and web network, call us on 04 6842 9964 to speak with one of our helpful team, or contact us.