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Energy Recruitment Agency Australia

The energy sector is likely to be a driving force of employment for the Australian economy, with over 28,000 new jobs projected to be generated by the 50 percent renewable energy scenario in 2030, almost 50 percent more employment in the industry compared to a business as usual scenario (According to Climate Council). With 150 of these enacting policies to drive investment within the sector, more than 170 countries have set renewable energy goals. India is an emerging renewable energy nation, with $3 billion devoted to the development of solar panels.

In 2015, 9.4 million renewable energy jobs were held, which is expected to rise to 24.4 million work opportunities by 2030. With a rising amount of investment in this field, it has never been more important to ensure that the business stays ahead of the competition. Mates Global has a renewable energy team and we have a broad network. We owe our achievements to our philosophy of treating every job like it's our first. We also proactively network, acting to carry your vacancy directly to the entire market, even though we have a wide global network of candidates and customers to deal with. Our quest does not only fit CVs with abilities and experience. We search for people who compliment your organization socially and motivationally, following an ongoing consultative strategy, ensuring the applicants we find will slot into your particular office culture and make an immediate impact.

We provide broad coverage for the power and nuclear industries and support a wide range of customers. We employ a broad range of technically trained engineers and managers, from project directors, supervisors, discipline managers, engineers, and Technicians to administrative support, at all levels of experience.

Renewable Energy Recruitment

We employ a wide range of highly qualified and skilled engineers and managers, from concept through design, building, commissioning, and handover, for all stages of project work on renewables. We offer a full matrix of project skills by recognizing this growing marketplace. This allows us to build a shared understanding of our customers and contractors and good working relationships, helping us to become their trusted partners for current and future projects.

In the green energy market, our main fields of recruitment experience are for clients and contractors engaged in:

  • Wind Power Offshore
  • Tidal Energies use
  • Solar Energy to electricity
  • Power of the Wave

You may also be eligible to work in Renewable Energy if you are already in the oil & gas industry and have been searching for an oil & gas recruitment agency. Call us and talk to one of our trained advisors who may be able to help you improve your career. We have a specialist team for enlisting talented candidates for our honourable client companies staffing solutions. The employment process is really hard. So, we do help our clients recruiting, or hiring potential employees. A good job is done and talented employees have an interconnection with each other. We have a department of energy recruitment. We do recruitment in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, North West, and all over Australia to many organization’s energy departments. Our office authority and our specialist team will consult with you in the way of your recruiting process.

Job Description for Energy Labour Hire

We concentrate primarily on the recruitment of customers and major contractors involved in:

  • Strong level of Microsoft Excel and Word proficiency.
  • Must have technical writing and reporting skill.
  • BS in Electrical engineering or Power Systems engineering.
  • Interfacing with existing and prospective consumers and providers.
  • Connect with our suppliers & clients.
  • Document reviewing.
  • Document submission
  • Managing construction.
  • Operation workshops (SID, HAZID, HAZOP, CRAW).
  • Client design.
  • Perfect scheduling.
  • Procurement against schedule.
  • Changing management.
  • Ensuring project compliance.
  • HSEQ.
  • High-level scoping.
  • Site-based Project Managing.

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