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Marine, Shipbuilding Recruitment Specialist

The shipbuilding industry is a significant field for the economic growth of Australia. We are a reputed shipbuilding hire agency and provide our workers to different firms in Australia. So, please go through our feedback section, and please do contact us if you are seeking experienced and intelligent employees for your company. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, we deliver our excellent and efficient shipbuilding workers. In Australia, we are a proud maritime recruitment firm.

In the shipyard and marine market, globalization has brought new heights. As a leading placement service provider, we give the marine industry the greatest professional resource solutions by correctly understanding its requirements. In the recruitment service, by assessing their skills through a series of interview rounds, we pick applicants and then conduct proper verification of documentation. We also provide 24 hours support to our honorable clients.

Shipyard and Marine worker Recruitment are undoubtedly one of the significant income sources for any country. The largest number of these companies are focused on the Middle East & Gulf region. Work seekers get in touch with us through Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, India, Bahrain, and Kenya to be put overseas with the top-most marine organisations. We ensure that every applicant is properly registered from their country of residence. To make the correct combination and ensure proper cooperation between the organization and the chosen applicants, our powerful team of employees at our headquarters and global branches takes the utmost care.

We know how complicated the task of hiring shipbuilding workers is. It will drive you crazy and waste your precious time selecting your company's best-fit candidates. That's why we and our specialist squad, Mates Global, the shipbuilding recruiting agency in Australia, are ready to assist you. So, if you have a shipyard or boatbuilding shipping company, you may feel free to have any employees through us because it is not so easy to recruit, hire, or enlist.

Our specialist team is wise enough and experienced in securing the talent hunt and using the new technologies and methods to catch the competent ones. Our team offers you the recruitment of submarine staff as well as the recruitment of marine personnel. We give staff who have experience with shipyard firms, ships, or shipbuilding. Speak to our office authority today with your specifications if you are urgently looking for a ship repair hire agency in Australia! We know the way to find future talent, and by every means, we can find it. We can arrange staff for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Job Description:

After going through the process of selecting the successful candidates will be offered their job position.

Applicants who are searching for employment should have:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Additional licenses, degrees, and certificates (If any).
  • Qualification and related knowledge.
  • Enthusiastic and hard worker.
  • Capable of holding items up to 50 pounds or pushing them.
  • Frequent willingness to work in cramped and awkward places.
  • Observation and rapid quality of learning.
  • Capacity to see from afar.
  • A decent standard of representation.
  • The Navy or any government agency's expertise would receive priority.

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